How does the Sycamore Tree Project work?

This breakthrough justice program has featured on national media, and is running in over 35 countries! It brings crime victims and prisoners together in a secure area of a local prison for 8 sessions, focussing on the impact of crime.

It goes further than what our court system can – to make prisoners understand the long term effects of their crimes – something that can break the cycle of crime.

Prison psychologists and management have told us that Sycamore is the most effective program they have seen. Both for crime victims and criminal offenders.

 Victims are given the opportunity to consider ways in which they can take control of their lives and begin their journey toward healing and restoration. The participants quite frequenty become friends during the eight weeks. Finally, the group meets for a public celebration and graduation.

  • Session 1 Introduction To prepare offenders and victims to participate in the Sycamore Tree Project
  • Session 2 What is Crime? Understanding that crime causes a ripple effect of damage and our justice system does not yet address that extent of harm.
  • Session 3 Responsibility To understand what it means to take responsibility for committing an offence
  • Session 4 Confession & Repentance To understand the meaning, power and importance of confession and repentance
  • Session 5 Forgiveness To understand the meaning, power and importance of forgiveness
  • Session 6 Restitution & Reconciliation To understand restitution as a response to crime and to explore the possibility of reconciliation
  • Session 7 Act of Restitution To participate in symbolic restitution and write letters to those who we offended or were offended by.
  • Session 8 Celebration and Graduation To reflect on and celebrate the new awareness that group members have about crime and healing