My gratitude is to never offend again.

My gratitude is to never offend again.

A Western Australian prison inmate describes his experiences in the Sycamore Tree Project

I was apprehensive at first about joining the course when I heard that it might be religious based, but that quickly dissipated after meeting all of you.  Meeting you has put humanity back in my dictionary and your method of teaching has given me the opportunity to actually take on board what subject we were learning that day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  No pressure was put upon me, not like most of the other courses I’ve done where the pressure of failing and not receiving parole was far more important than actually learning.

This course has given my moral compass a solid and stable fixed position to aim at with my Father and family being my goal. It has also made me confront my fears of confession, forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation by putting victims and their stories right in my face.   These people have shown me through their belief in God what actually can be achieved with an honest and forgiving heart, and not letting Hate rule their lives.

I want to say one more thing.  Saying Thank You isn’t good enough for me, the way I am going to show you my gratitude is to never offend again.


Martin lives in Brisbane Australia and loves meeting and writing about the amazing people who are changing our justice system. He is a prison facilitator for the Sycamore Tree Project in Queensland, Australia.